I Was Curious about “Curious,” So I Wrote a Theatrical Review

| Liv Grasso, C+MRC Intern | The tenth and final play I worked on in high school was a story of a neurodivergent boy, a dead dog, and a complicated family. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is based on Mark Haddon's novel. When I heard Montclair State University's Department of Theatre… Continue reading I Was Curious about “Curious,” So I Wrote a Theatrical Review

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Oculus Rift as Allegory: Reimagining Post-Pandemic Schooling in the United States

The impact of virtual schooling en masse will not be felt until we leave it. Like virtual reality we will not be able to truly understand learning during the pandemic until we exit our educational lockdown and return to the brick-and-mortar classroom. But it remains to be seen if and when we will ever fully return. In this media literacy thought-piece, Dr. Vanessa E. Greenwood contemplates the Oculus Rift as an allegory for reimagining post-pandemic schooling in the United States.