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Cross-Cultural Communication and Transnational Crimes

This podcast features Dr. Bond Benton and Dr. Daniela Paterka-Benton, a dynamic research duo at the intersection of media, popular culture, cross-cultural communication, and transnational crimes.

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The Dis! Enchanted Life

Flipping the script is a popular media literacy technique that reframes the ageless "happily ever after" fairy tale. This podcast episode features Rapunzel (Susan Hagen) from the irreverent musical comedy "Disenchanted!"

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Disorder-ly Conduct: Gaming as an Addiction?

October is Health Literacy Month. So it seems appropriate to title this podcast episode, "Disorder-ly Conduct: Is Gamer Addiction a Thing?" To loiter with me around this question is my colleague, Dr. Christopher McKinley, who specializes in health communication and media effects in examining the role that messages play in shaping individual’s health perceptions and behaviors.