Beginning the Spring 2018 semester, students enrolled in the CMST 280 (Investigative Research Methods) undergraduate course in the School of Communication and Media will participate as C+MRC research associates. CMST 280 provides SCM majors with an overview of common communication and media research methods. As part of the C+MRC students work with faculty and community stakeholders while learning a variety of humanistic and social-scientific research methodologies. These include qualitative methods (i.e., textual analyses, interviewing, focus groups) as well as quantitative methods that lend themselves to statistical manipulations (i.e., content analysis, surveys, experiments). Students select a timely topic at the intersection of communication and media and investigate it using a variety of research modes and methods over the course of the semester. In doing so, they gain knowledge of ethical, moral and social issues in applications of communication and media research and the ability to ask critical questions about the application of research to inform professional practice. The course is foundational for SCM majors or minors who want to learn how to conduct media research and critically use research data and findings.

You can download a [course syllabus for Investigative Research Methods here]

Students who successfully complete Investigative Research Methods are eligible in their senior year to be C+MRC Research Interns for an academic semester (for 3 course credits) [View Application]