Research Internships

The C+MRC offers two kinds of (unpaid) internships:

  • an open remote internship opportunity (college credit at your home institution is optional) for a commitment of 5-10 hours of work per week. Contact us directly if you are interested in this option.
  • a location-based structured internship opportunity for 3 hours of college credit for a commitment of approximately 15 hours of work per week. The application information below applies to this type of internship.


We are seeking qualified candidates interested in advancing their knowledge and skills across the intersecting fields of communication and media. We invite candidates across the fields of communication studies, psychology, anthropology, and other social sciences.

The collaboratory concept (collaboration + laboratory) refers to a center without walls where researchers can share data, maximize resources, and interact with colleagues—regardless of physical location. During the semester the research intern will develop a strong understanding of both theoretical and applied research through a variety of communication activities that are transmedia by design. The research intern will have opportunities to collaborate with SCM faculty and external collaborators in one of three research areas:

  • Media Literacy
  • Health Communication
  • Rhetoric and Popular Culture
  • Race, Ethnicity, & the Media
  • Politics, Media & Civic Engagement
  • Video Game Studies

This is an excellent learning opportunity with high expectations and a wide variety of assignments, allowing the research intern to add significantly to her/his professional portfolio. Specific activities include, but are not limited to:


  • Ability to read and understand research literature
  • Ability to communicate effectively within all levels of the University
  • Familiarity with applications in basic web design (WordPress), marketing (MailChimp), social media (Twitter), and digital manipulation (Photoshop or equivalent).


  • Experience developing research questions; understanding different qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and their interplay.
  • Fluency in APA Style.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize multiple assignments
  • Experience with effective social media promotion
  • Very task-oriented, independent self-starter

To apply, create a Hire a Red Hawk account and locate the Communication and Media Research Internship. Submit a cover letter, writing sample, your resumé, and the contact information of two references (one should be from your academic advisor). 


The COMM+MEDIA Research Collaboratory (C+MRC) fosters innovation through collaborative research and praxis. Our overarching mission is to apply diverse methodologies to solve problems and catalyze positive social change. To this end, the C+MRC supports research incubation, instructional innovation, and their application across the inherently diverse yet intersecting fields of communication and media. The C+MRC allows research faculty and students within SCM to work with members of all facets of society to address current dilemmas.