The C+MRC supports research incubation, instructional innovation, and their application across inherently diverse yet intersecting fields of communication and media.

To align with our mission of applying diverse methodologies to solve problems and catalyze positive social change, we employ a variety of facilities within the state-of-the art facilities in the School of Communication and Media (SCM) at Montclair State University.

081815_pano_SCOM construction

Since its establishment in 2012 the SCM has undergone tremendous growth across its curriculum, faculty and facilities. In 2014 SCM moved into a renovated Morehead Hall on campus that includes a focus group room, survey/polling room, and performance room. In 2017 SCM added another multi-functional communication and multimedia facility to support its programs. Among these include a presentation hall for market research, interactive classroom for strategic collaborations, and a makerspace where the SCM community can tinker with the latest technologies.