YouTubers, Influencers & Speaking Your Mind (Part 2)

Faith Rogow and Sherri Hope Culver join the C+MRC podcast for a thoughtful discussion about what adults do and do not yet know about the tweenage digital experience. Emergent issues (from S2 E1) include the economy of YouTube, authenticity and trust, and the differences (if any) between engagement online versus offline.

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Our Fall 2019 Intern

Willow Jay Bryar is an undergraduate student at Montclair State University, working toward finishing his Bachelor of Arts Degree as a double major / double minor: English / Communications & Media Arts (Majors) | Creative Writing / Mythology Studies (Minors). Willow is studying to become a narrative designer (story writer) in the gaming industry. Additionally,… Continue reading Our Fall 2019 Intern

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Disorder-ly Conduct: Gaming as an Addiction?

October is Health Literacy Month. So it seems appropriate to title this podcast episode, "Disorder-ly Conduct: Is Gamer Addiction a Thing?" To loiter with me around this question is my colleague, Dr. Christopher McKinley, who specializes in health communication and media effects in examining the role that messages play in shaping individual’s health perceptions and behaviors.